CUHK research project taken to space by Tianzhou-6 First Hong Kong agricultural project to be launched into space

Professor Lam Hon-Ming, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Life Sciences and Director of the State Key Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and his team, in collaboration with the China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technology and Shenzhou Space Biotechnology Group, have sent samples of rhizobia (soybean nitrogen fixing bacteria) into space on the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft that launched on 10 May and has now arrived at the Chinese space station Tiangong. It is the first Hong Kong agricultural research project to be launched to the space. It is a great honour to CUHK’s research projects have the opportunity to participate in the national space programme, opening a new chapter for the integration of aerospace and agricultural technology.

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CUHK, China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technology and Shenzhou Space Biotechnology Group sign national space programme cooperation agreement

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), the China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technology (CRRIST) and Shenzhou Space Biotechnology Group (SBG) have signed an agreement today (2 May) to cooperate on space-related scientific experiments. The parties jointly support university research participation in the national space programme, promoting national scientific endeavours and transforming outcomes to benefit society.

Witnessed by CUHK Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Rocky S. Tuan, Assistant General Manager of China Resources Group, Chairman and CEO of China Resources Enterprise Mr Chen Ying and SBG Chairlady Ms Zhou Hong, the cooperation agreement was signed by CUHK Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Chan Wai-yee, Vice President of China Resources Enterprise and Vice Dean of CRRIST Mr Li Nan, and Vice President of China Resources Enterprise and General Manager of SBG Mr Zhi Zhe. The agreement lasts for five years. Its goal is to support CUHK-related experimental projects, take them to space and conduct experiments. After samples are returned to Earth, the research team will conduct follow-up research.

CUHK Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Rocky S. Tuan remarked, “Our country prioritises space technology development, and CUHK’s participation in the national space experiment project will not only benefit from the extensive research capabilities of the university’s internationally renowned professors, but also enables CUHK to contribute to the country’s major research topics and innovative technologies, deepen understanding of the challenges of cutting-edge space technology, and further integrate into the overall development of national science and technology, enhancing CUHK’s reputation for international scientific and technological innovation. CUHK will actively leverage its university role, turning the experience into teaching content and attracting more young students to participate in scientific and technological innovation, contribute to the country and assist in promoting Hong Kong as an international innovation and technology hub.”

Chairman and CEO of China Resources Enterprise Mr Chen Ying remarked: “CRRIST, SBG, and CUHK will establish a mechanism for long-term cooperation. We will fully leverage the advantages of all parties through cross-disciplinary cooperation and use the space station as a scientific exploration platform. We aim to integrate different technologies into space science solutions or products, and combine industry with research and development, empowering CUHK’s high-quality scientific and technological innovation projects, and accelerating the growth of scientific research. In the future, CR Enterprise, CRRIST and SBG will base their activities on national strategic needs, allocating resources appropriately from the perspective of technology and industry integration, and exploring industry-university cooperation in areas such as training, sharing of achievements and complementary resources. Collaborative research innovation models help Hong Kong’s innovation and technology industry integrate into the national development, and actively explore the huge opportunities brought by the dual circulation economy of domestic and international markets.”

General Manager of SBG Mr Zhi Zhe remarked, “This collaboration effectively leverages the brand effect of space technology and the space biological experiment service platform to help enhance the strength and influence of innovative technology projects at CUHK. It also uses the advantages of space biology in return satellite and space carrying resources, as well as innovative capabilities in space microbial fermentation technology. Together, we will develop new products, promote high-quality economic development and help China’s biotechnology innovation enter a new stage of development.”

MoU Signing Facilitation

Funding to Support CUHK Start-ups and Entrepreneurs.

OIE has facilitated the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CUHK Innovation Ltd, a subsidiary of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and CPC Funding, a China-based investor.

To promote the commercialisation of innovative research and development achievements by CUHK’s spin-off companies. This collaboration aims to support the growth of Hong Kong as a global innovation and technology hub.

HKET- 【初創企業】中大與國宏嘉信資本簽署合作備忘錄 支持中大初創企業


香港商報網 – 國宏嘉信資本與中大簽合作備忘錄 助力中大科技創新及科研成果轉化


OpenGov – Funding to Support CUHK Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

CUHK – HKSTP Investment Day

CUHK - HKSTP Investment Day | 13 May 2022

6 spinoff companies and a panel of 12 healthcare and technology investors.

Successful business matching with investors and some pharmaceutical partners for a number of startups.

To catalyze commercialization activities and instill an innovative culture across the University, CUHK’s Office of Innovation and Enterprise (OIE) and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) co-organised the CUHK-HKSTP Investment Day on 13 May 2022. 

The event comprises a public webinar and a company pitching session. In the webinar, Ambassador George Hara and CUHK alumnus Mr Oscar Hui gave keynote speeches on investment landscape, future trends in healthcare and fundraising management. 

More than 200 participants gained insight from the talks. An onsite survey reveals that they were satisfied with the event and would like to have similar events organised regularly. 

In the following company pitching session, 6 CUHK and HKSTP affiliated companies, mostly in the biotechnology area with backgrounds in AI and data analytics, pitched to a panel of 12 healthcare and technology investors. 

In addition to possible investment opportunities, the participating companies received advice and mentorship which will be crucial for their ongoing business development.

‘CUHK has been pushing hard to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. This is just the beginning and we will be organising more investment days in the future for companies of different specialties,’ said CUHK’s Associate Vice-President (Innovation and Enterprise) Professor Daniel Lee. 

(From left) Mr Oscar Hui, Head of Strategy, Investment and Financing, Smartmore; Professor Daniel Lee, Associate Vice-President (Innovation and Enterprise), CUHK; Mr Raymond Wong, Head of Investment, HKSTP
Ambassador George Hara giving a talk on ‘Create a society where every person can lead a healthy life until his/her last moment’

CR Co-Investment Platform

OIE has facilitated the signing of a cooperation Framework Agreement between CUHK and China Resources (CR) Enterprise for establishing a joint company in Hong Kong, with an investment of HK$100 million contributed by each party in a ratio of 50:50. The joint company is the first of its kind in CUHK and will support CUHK innovations in the areas of regenerative medicine, renewable energy and environmental sustainability.

星島網 – 中大與華潤創業簽合作框架協議 投放共2億推動再生醫學


Reuters  –香港中文大学与华润创业拟组合营 推动香港再生医学及再生能源发展

信報網 – 中大華創組合營 推動再生醫學及再生能源發展


香港商報網 – 中大與華潤創業簽合作框架協議 投放2億推動再生醫學


頭條日報網 – 中大與華潤創業簽合作框架協議 投放共2億推動再生醫學