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Cultivate CUHK Innovation

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Support CUHK Innovation

CUHK has held the title of ‘‘Asia’s Most Innovative Universities” for four consecutive years since 2016, a testament to its commitment to nurturing talent and translating research excellence into tangible innovations. OIE provides entrepreneurship support to more than 13 CUHK spinoff companies by facilitating enterprise communication and partnership in the field of biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics.

Funding to Support CUHK Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

24 February 2023

OIE has facilitated the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CUHK Innovation Ltd, a subsidiary of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and CPC Funding, a China-based investor.

To promote the commercialisation of innovative research and development achievements by CUHK’s spin-off companies. This collaboration aims to support the growth of Hong Kong as a global innovation and technology hub.

HKET- 【初創企業】中大與國宏嘉信資本簽署合作備忘錄 支持中大初創企業



香港商報網 – 國宏嘉信資本與中大簽合作備忘錄 助力中大科技創新及科研成果轉化



OpenGov – Funding to Support CUHK Start-ups and Entrepreneurs


Set up a Co-Investment Platform

2 August 2021

OIE has facilitated the signing of a cooperation Framework Agreement between CUHK and China Resources (CR) Enterprise for establishing a joint company in Hong Kong, with an investment of HK$100 million contributed by each party in a ratio of 50:50. The joint company is the first of its kind in CUHK and will support CUHK innovations in the areas of regenerative medicine, renewable energy and environmental sustainability.

星島網 – 中大與華潤創業簽合作框架協議 投放共2億推動再生醫學



Reuters  –香港中文大学与华润创业拟组合营 推动香港再生医学及再生能源发展


信報網 – 中大華創組合營 推動再生醫學及再生能源發展



香港商報網 – 中大與華潤創業簽合作框架協議 投放2億推動再生醫學



頭條日報網 – 中大與華潤創業簽合作框架協議 投放共2億推動再生醫學


Forming Intra- and Cross-industry Partnerships and Alliances

Visiting CUHK innovative centers and CUMC

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