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Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Support

Cooperative (Co-op) program

The first university-wide cooperative program in Hong Kong. We can help you build a more diverse talent pipeline with CUHK’s talent in various fields, which may qualify for jobs outside their programmes and are equipped with necessary knowledge and skills from course electives, prior work experience and other leadership training.


Industry Alliance

Harness the strength of collective achievements as part of the Investors and Innovators’ community. The Industry Alliance is an exclusive network that celebrates research breakthroughs and fosters partnerships between startups and investor partners. CUHK Innovation Ltd, a wholly CUHK-owned company, will present research achievements originating from CUHK for the purpose of matching investment to its investor partners. 

The funding prospects include the Startuphk Fund, which is a Hong Kong dollar fund being set up by CPC Fund with a target size of HK$600 million. Its aims include investing in technology-related companies in Hong Kong. Gain unparalleled exposure to skilled researchers presenting unique investment prospects. 

This dynamic platform not only showcases remarkable research achievements but also unlocks doors to collaborations, funding avenues, and invaluable industry connections. Embrace the synergy of community and innovation by joining our Industry Alliance, where your investment goals align with unlimited potential.